How do we lead lasting change?

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Our inspiration
Imagine schools where everyone is inspired and committed to learning; where students, parents, teachers, administrators and community partners share the school’s vision and work together to make it a reality. Imagine a school in which a constant state of improvement is the only acceptable status quo.

Our mission
Communities for Learning supports research that helps educational communities, worldwide, become self-sustaining, self-improving, learning organizations empowered to lead deep and lasting change.

Our practice
With the ARCS Framework for Sustainable School Improvement at the heart of its work, Communities for Learning invests in research that inspires schools to set challenging goals as they aspire to be the very best that they can be; enables them to ask difficult questions as they probe self-identified strengths, issues and needs; supports them with experiences and tools that develop both individual and organizational expertise; empowers them to innovate and take the actions necessary to achieve their vision. Communities for Learning’s Research Fellowship program, school- and district-based research are anchored in the four components of the ARCS framework: Alignment, Representation, Culture and Sustainability.

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