Overview of Selected Measures for Schools

Communities for Learning leads the way in school transformation.  Using ARCS, its framework for sustainable school improvement, schools develop success-oriented practices embedded in a forward-looking culture informed by data and inspired by its own expertise.

Integral to ARCS are powerful measures that provide a valuable analysis of the school or district, and how it works on behalf of improving student learning.
The Baseline Measures include a combination of surveys and focus groups for teachers, administrators, students and parents focused on four major questions:

How does the school pursue coherence among goals, needs, resources, and activities?
How does the school incorporate varied perspectives into its deliberation, decision-making, and action-taking processes?
How does the school cultivate the individual and organizational dispositions that promote a culture of active and sustainable learning?
How does the school develop its independent capacity to improve student learning?

Baseline data is aggregated to create a school profile and identify possible needs and entry points for helping the school transform itself into a self-sustaining learning organization.

The Survey of School Interactions measures the frequency and impact of interactions among school staff, including administrators, teachers and other professional staff (e.g., guidance counselors, specialists, coaches). It generates a comprehensive map of the interactions and communication networks within the school, which are significant indicators of the school's culture and health as an organization.

The Survey of Organizational Capacity is an online measure that provides the school with metrics related to the distance between how individuals see themselves within the school and how they think the school supports their work. It includes items related to vision, goals, professional expertise, long-term and strategic planning, and leadership practices.

Together, the Baseline Measure, the Survey of School Interactions and the Survey of Organizational Capacity provide schools with a way to document and analyze baseline information and assess, on an annual basis, progress towards becoming a self-sustaining learning organization.  Schools are able to use the data resulting from these measures to assess their overall organizational health and to define better ways of communicating with staff.

Given today's rapidly changing environment, we must create a school culture that is both nimble and thoughtful. The Communities for Learning processes and measures do just that!

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