Single-site communities

A single-site is a school or any other single educational organizational. Communities for Learning schools and single-sites use the ARCS framework, processes and related tools to enable them to identify and negotiate both individual and organizational needs; support continued inquiry to discover, develop and distribute their own expertise; and improve learning for all of their members.

PS 205
An elementary school in the Bronx, NY, PS 205 is comprised of two buildings, housing approximately 1000 students in kindergarten through 5th grade. A site since January of 2007, its work was initially funded through a Wallace LEAD grant.

Pursuing the vision of PS 205 as a school where everyone wants to be and learn, a strategic planning group, made up of teachers, administrators, students, parents and community partners, adopted the identity of "Interim Community that Leads and Lasts" and began their work by identifying and prioritizing several organizational needs. Their first task was the identification and implementation of strategies to reduce the distance between the two buildings, resulted in school-wide goal setting and the generation of action plans. Subsequent actions included activities for engaging every parent, student, school-based professional and community partner in the school's learning and work.

As they continue to work toward achieving their vision, PS 205 leans on its strong culture of collegiality, reflection and commitment to understanding to support them as they push themselves to address questions and needs around Representation and Sustainability.  An exploration of systems thinking tools and processes as well as thoughtful strategic planning has resulted in the continuation of the community's learning and work beyond the parameters of the initial funding.

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