What is the impact of learner-centered practices on student learning?

Research work around investigating the impact of learner-centered practices on student learning is focused on the question: What is the impact of professional development approaches that rely on learner-centered pedagogical approaches on teachers’ practices and on students’ learning? Additional questions that stem from this overarching question include:

  • Are some learner-centered practices more transferrable than others?
  • How do learner-centered practices acquired by teachers manifest themselves in their work with students, and in students’ work?
  • What school conditions promote the internalization of learner-centered practices, and their use with students?
  • What specific student outcomes are impacted by the use of learner-centered practices?

To pursue these questions, Communities for Learning is supporting an action research study in Byram Hills, and will host a research writing institute in Summer 2015 for educators who are interested in documenting their work and resulting outcomes around the use of learner-centered practices.  Click here for a short overview on the Byram Hills study.

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