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Men, especially middle-aged, have the right to take Viagra and consider it a miracle of our time. Nowadays, men with erection problems and have sex more often are the result of lifestyle and not the disease. Stress, obesity, lack of efficiency, cigarettes ... the list is quite long. I mention this not because it is accepted. Causes of the problem are important in determining the dosage of drugs that we have to take. In order to have full confidence in the fact that this drug can be used and in what dose, contact your doctor, especially read the list of contraindications, especially since this medication from a pharmacy is available only by prescription. In the early 1990's, researchers Pfizer developed the drug from chest pain in angina pectoris. In clinical trials of biologically active ingredient sildenafil did not have the expected effect on the heart. But the subjects were ecstatic - because of a nasty side effect in respect of potency. When some of them refused to give remaining tablets (and one even broke into the lab, where does sildenafil to stock preparation for the future), the managers of the company realized that came upon a gold mine. Thus was born the Viagra.All you need to do is take one pill Vyagry about an hour before sexual activity. After approximately 30-60 minutes the drug action begins and lasts for four hours. It is best to take Viagra before eating, because in this case it will be quicker. The action of Viagra is that you need to take it only when you want to have intercourse. Viagra should not be taken more than once a day.

How safe is Viagra?

Clinical trials have proven the safety of Viagra. Discontinuation rates due to adverse events was similar for patients treated with the drug (2.5%) or placebo (2.3%). However it is known manifestation of a drug interaction, especially with nitrates used in the treatment of heart disease. Therefore, Viagra is contraindicated in patients receiving treatment with nitrates (nitroglycerin, Isoketum, kardiket, perlinganit, on deposit, Efoksa, Olikard, nitrosorbid, sustak, monocinque, nitrong, monosan et al.). Any man who takes nitrates of any kind at any time (usually take nitrates for angina - chest pain caused by heart disease) should not take Viagra. The danger is a possible significant drop in blood pressure. At the end of November 1998 in the world officially registered 69 cases of death after taking Viagra. The cause of death in all cases of disease of the cardiovascular system (heart attacks and strokes), which evolved from dead during intercourse. Sexual intercourse - is a serious exercise! First of all, these are people with severe diseases of the cardiovascular system: heart failure, angina, cerebral circulatory disorders (heart pain with fizichekoy load or at rest, impaired memory and mental performance). In this case, you should consult with your doctor about the advisability of taking Viagra. Increased caution is necessary in patients who have previously occurred priapism (a pathological condition which is characterized by the occurrence of an erection, which is not connected with the erotic stimulation, and that could last for hours, causing severe pain in the penis) . Patients who have a predisposition to the emergence of priapism requires medical supervision. Caution when taking Viagra need people who are going after taking control of different kinds of machinery or vehicle, as sometimes after taking the drug in humans can occur rapidly undergoing change color vision with a predominance of blue flowers.

Packaging and dosage tablets that would be right to take Viagra

The tablets generally contain 100 mg or 50 mg of active ingredient are sometimes 25 mg. If you do not know, its dosage, and the causes of their problems, whether it's stress, or obesity, or simply a lack of efficiency and so on, in any case, this should not be exaggerated. Often 25 mg is more than enough. Higher doses may be redundant, and instead of pleasure can cause stress. Because a lower dose of the drug erectile dysfunction can be a constant influx of blood to the penis, and too much dose slows down the process and timing of erection increases, which may in men can cause stress and uncertainty. Everything should be in moderation. Viagra actually works, but not as much as sometimes it seems the general view. In this case, not enough to take a pill of Viagra, Maxigrę, Levitrę or Kamagrę, and hope that the precious stone men will begin to increase. In itself, nothing happens, it takes erotic stimulation, both physical and mental. Effect of the drug lasts up to 24 hours, but this does not mean that our gemstone always be on high alert. Erectile dysfunction does not work without stimulation! Sometimes there are opinions that after taking Viagra the world is seen in Golob colors. But it's a myth! If something like this happens, it can only occur after an overdose. Erectile dysfunction is not working right. As a rule, it is recommended to take the drug on an hour earlier. If this was a hearty meal, this time should be extended. But then it really works! Avoid drinking alcohol as it reduces the effect of the drug. Myth is the assertion that the purchase of Viagra is something very difficult. You just need to visit the family doctor, because often these pills are trying to buy their twenties men, and they this medication completely unnecessary. It is recommended to visit a doctor due to serious contraindications associated with diseases of the cardiovascular system, heart and diabetes. Viagra and other drugs for erectile dysfunction should not use the young guys, because their bodies can handle on their own . Middle-aged men and older, if they have problems with erectile dysfunction - they should try to pick up a dose of this medication. Successful application has a huge impact on the psyche of men. Successful sex occurs when a person is free from stress and fatigue, then he will find that the drug is not required. If the cause of erectile problems have any disease, it is worth to use drugs such as Viagra, and feel the person is 100%.

Viagra overdose is dangerous, you need to know how to take Viagra

Viagra - regardless of whether the original product from the company Pfizer, or another drug manufacturer, differs only in the business name and the price and quality from the manufacturer of the drug does not change and is used oral medication by mouth, from any manufacturer. Viagra and its substitutes belongs to a group of medicines supporting potency in men. Because of the potential side effects of the drug, before using consult your doctor. During the conversation with the doctor, you have to specify all of the disease, from time to time you are having, as well as chronic diseases, and provide therapeutic drugs you are taking, even those that are available without a prescription. Information about the state of men's health, chronic disease state allows the doctor to find out whether a person has the risk of incompatibility between drugs and whether this risk to life. An interview with a doctor can correctly select the dose to the individual needs of the patient - no need to take too high a dose, if this is not necessary. Applying the original Viagra, or its equivalent - generics should strictly adhere to the doctor's recommendations with regard to the number and timing of tablets. Do not exceed a given dose because it is the severity of side effects, and does not enhance the effect of the drug.